NCF Furnishings Ltd have recently invested in a new state of the art distribution facility, spanning a massive 100,000 square feet. It is situated in the Perry Barr area of Birmingham, making it a central hub in supplying furniture to our Midlands based stores and our online retail system. With our companies goal of becoming the largest independent multi channel retailer, the distribution centre serves as a focal point to our entire operation.

On a daily basis our team at the distribution centre handle a number of deliveries by the container load. This new site, allows us excess storage space to keep most items displayed in store, in stock ready for immediate delivery. The site has allowed NCF Furnishings to grow substantially, reducing the need to store furniture in any of our retail outlets. Meaning that we always have the space to showcase the finest furniture we offer, along with unmatched delivery turnaround to customer homes.

The new site consist of up to 35 employees working around the clock to ensure customer orders and delivery dates are correct, inspected and met. This along with state of the art computer systems ensure a smooth operation from when an order is placed, to when it leave the distribution centre. Every piece of furniture that leave the site is well packaged and carefully loaded daily on to our delivery vehicle directly. Our delivery teams are presented with their delivery scheduled by the distribution team at the start of each day, and the vehicles loaded appropriately. The team have an uniquely developed route planner application, that plots the most efficient routes for our drivers, so even the tightest delivery schedules are met.

The distribution centre also encompasses our newly renovated offices for our online retailing systems. This is where our specialised online team deal with website enquires, orders and development. Again the company has invested in dedicated high tech computer equipment to help provide the best service to our customers. We have also put in place the latest security systems for all website orders and information provided by through the website. Situating our online business in the heart of the distribution site works extremely well, as all department are able to work together and provide customers the most up to date information on products and orders.

As our company have a commitment to the environment, NCF Furnishings have implemented recycling a protocol at the distribution site where packaging is split into separate material and recycled accordingly. We are constantly evolving as a company and are thankful to all our customers. We hope we can continue to grow and exceed expectation, to provide an exceptional service.