To help you get the best from your new furniture and prolong the life of it, simply read the following care advice.

Initial tips:

  1. Carefully read your Manufacturer’s care instructions (if provided).
  2. Do not place your furniture near direct heat or air conditioning vents.
  3. Avoid placing solid wooden furniture in places with under floor heating.
  4. Always lift your furniture, do not push or drag it.
  5. Never place hot dishes, plates or cups onto any table top or cabinet (use table mats or stone surfaces as protection).
  6. Avoid dragging crockery across the wood surface.
  7. Do not place heavy items on the surface without protection.
  8. Do not rock backwards or stand on dining chairs.
  9. Check stability of chairs and tables on a regularly basis. Occasionally there might be a need to tighten bolts and other fixings.
  10. Keep furniture out of direct sunlight (wooden products change colour with exposure to light).
  11. Blot up accidental spills immediately (Avoid using excessive water or detergent to remove the stain. Professional cleaning (or repair) may be used).
  12. Dust your furniture on a regular basis and polish every 4-6 months.
  13. Avoid long-term use of rubber and plastic items on your furniture.


Before delivery of your furniture, please leave enough space for our Delivery team to maneuver it safely into your room.
Once all the packaging of your furniture has been removed, please inspect your new furniture. Make sure you are fully satisfied before our delivery team leaves your home.
If you have wooden floors, please use a protective felt on the feet of your new furniture in order to prevent scratching.

Daily care

Please follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.
Use a lint-free cloth to dust your furniture.
Use slightly damp cloth in order to remove finger marks (avoid detergents).

Different finishes

Lacquered easy care finish
Dust on a daily basis and wipe occasionally with a damp cloth followed by a dry duster.

Waxed finish
Polish along the grain every 3 months with a good quality natural beeswax. Use a soft duster to buff up and retain the natural look of your furniture. Avoid abrasive cleaners.

Oiled finish
Wipe your furniture with linseed oil every 3-4 months. Keep a cloth especially for your furniture, and make sure you do not touch it with soaps or detergents.

Stone or travertine
Wipe any marks or spills with a slightly damp cloth and then polish with a soft dry cloth. Use a few drops of a neutral cleaner, or stone soap and warm water for cleaning.

Fabric or suede
Vacuum surfaces at low power using the soft furnishings attachment.

Clean the piece with a damp cotton cloth and dust it regularly. If you need to use soap, make sure it does not contain harsh detergents.


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact your local store. We are happy to help you.