To help you get the best from your new bed and prolong the life of it, simply read the following care advice.

Initial tips:

  1. Carefully read your Manufacturer’s care instructions (if provided) as well as labels attached.
  2. Do not fold or bend the mattress since this will distort the spring unit.
  3. Do not roll modern spring interior mattresses.
  4. Never stand or jump on the mattress.
  5. Do not sit on the edge of the mattress for long time since this can damage the springs.
  6. Let your new mattress breathe.
  7. Always make sure that the bolts, screws, legs and castors of the bed are fully tightened.
  8. Use storage drawers in divan beds to carry light weight items such as linen, pillows and duvets.
  9. Treat stains and spillages immediately. Wipe up them with a clean and dry white cloth. Do not use detergents or a hard brush since this may damage the fabric or stitching.


  • Once your new bed is unwrapped from its packaging, leave it uncovered for a while to allow any condensation or odour to escape.
  • Your new bed may feel a little strange to sleep on at first. It takes some time for your body to adjust to new level of comfort and support.
  • If you are placing a new mattress on an old bed, make sure that the base is strong in order to compliment the mattress.

Daily care

  • Always use a clean and washable mattress protector before fitting the bed linen. This will help avoid stains, smells and reduce dust on your mattress.
  • Turn down your bed clothes every morning to air your mattress.
  • Regularly clean your bed with a soft brush (rather vacuum cleaner) to keep it fresh.
  • Turn your mattress every fortnight for the first six months, after that at least every four weeks (unless it states different on the manufacturer’s care instruction).
  • Settling of the fillings is fairly normal, thus turning the mattress will keep the filling supportive.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact your local store. We are happy to help you.